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Some people, due to time restraints, interests, or geographical locations, feel they do not have the opportunity to learn to defend themselves and others. Seminars are a great way, with minimal investment, to learn.


We have conducted numerous seminars since 2001. We are available for a variety of different seminars and can also individually design them for your specific needs.


While each seminar can be taught individually, they also integrate and build upon each other.


Seminars may include:


1. Empty Hands

2. Knife Training

3. Stick Training

4. Gun Training

5. Self-Defense/Rape Prevention

6. Sage Immersion

7. Internal Kung Fu

8. Healing

9. Conditioning, rehabilitating and exercise


Seminars 1-3 involve a unique series of drills that I have discovered, created, and developed. These are not simple repetitive forms to be followed by rote. They are highly interactive, dynamic and mutable. These free-flowing drills allow practitioners to rapidly integrate techniques and 'burn' responses into their central nervous system in a minimum amount of time. You can integrate any styles, joint locks, acquisitions, kicks, and take-downs in and out of these drills. Great for all ages and health and experience levels.


Empty Hands – starting with one-handed, simple, two beat blocks and logically progressing through every single hand, double hand, trappings, three beat, and four beat drills.


Knife Training – Learn to defend against bladed weapons with empty hands or a knife. Applicable to any household object such as a pencil, newspaper or bottle.


Stick Training – A great adjunct to the knife training, using longer weapons such as bats, machetes, and swords.


Gun Training – Founded upon the Israeli military art. This simple system uses only a few techniques to combat the gun in a wide variety of situations.


Self-Defense/Rape Prevention – Based on combat Kickboxing. Easy, simple, effective tools to combat street situations. After just one seminar, you can greatly increase your chances of surviving a violent confrontation.


Sage Immersion – A “soft style” approach to learning combatives. Numerous principles, techniques, and concepts are shared in each class. Practiced at a slow pace with emphasis on relaxation and redirection. Great for all ages, health, and experience levels.


Internal Kung Fu – Explore the brother arts of Tai Chi, Hsing-I, and Pa Kua. Discover the ancient healing movements of these arts.


Healing – Learn some techniques and ideas on how to care for yourself and others. Herbs, diet, breath, exercise, and massage are some of the areas covered.


Conditioning, rehabilitation, and exercise – Hundreds of body-weight exercises that heal the body, strengthen the muscles and lengthen the tissue while moving through full ranges of motion. Movements found in Yoga, Kung Fu, Capoeira, Breakdancing, and others are highly organized into easy to remember patterns. Explore thousands of variations and create your own forms every time you practice. These functional, practical, weight exercises will build body, strength and unlock your potential.


Please contact us for schedule and availability.


Jamie Baird: 
Tel: 540 892 9734  

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