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About Thorin

Thorin Blanco is the owner and instructor at Sage Martial Arts.


At the age of 6, Thorin began formally training in traditional

Japanese style Judo.







Shitokan karate and wrestling.


Thorin studied Tae Kwon Do with Master Kang, heavy-weight and middle-weight champion of Korea, in Arlington.


Tai Chi (Yang style long form) with Scott M. Rodell.


Intra-mural sports football.


Fu Hu Gong with Dr. Ed Hampton and Gary Meyers.

Studied Hsing-I and Pa Kua, full-time, with Dr Ed Hampton.

Also, Filipino Sticks (San Miguel style) with Gary Myers. (1993)


Studied Hsing-I and Pa Kua Chang with Miles Grody and Marc Melton (including seminar with Zhang Hua Zhen).


Studied Hsing-I, Pa Kua and Tai Chi with Dr Vincent Black and the Tang Shao Dao, with Tom Bisio and Mike Bingo among others, for 3 years in a special study group in Tucson. 10-12 days intensive study, 12 hours per day, 4 times per year.

Also worked in traditional chinese acupuncture clinic with Dr Vince Black and led the classes in Kung Fu and Pa Kua (1999-2000).

Also, a week long seminar with Xie Pei Qi yin fu style Pa Kua (1997).



Received instructor certification in Filipino martial arts under Mas Guru Greg Alland - Pekiti Tirsia and SinaTirsiaWali Kali, over 9 week long training sessions, including guest instructor.

Also includes week long intensive training with Nene Tortal in Dekiti Tirsia.


Received instructor certification in Krav Maga Worldwide under Darren Levine.

Owned and operated first Krav Maga studio in Northern Virginia.


Received brown belt in Cijo Emperado's style of Kajukenbo under 2 private instructors.


Month long trip to Thailand to study Muy Thai and Thai Massage.


Received instructor certification in Combat Systema under Kevin Secours.


Studying Jiu Jitsu and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with Jamie Baird. Awarded purple belt in under 2 years of study.

Since 2001, Thorin has taught, researched, and extensively studied martial arts and multiple movement systems and has also developed his own system. He has also uniquely adapted the Filipino Martial Arts to Gun vs. Knife at close quarter combat range.


In addition to martial arts:



Bouncer and security at many local pubs and bars.



Auxiliary Deputy Sheriff including helping teach defensive tactics, baton and firearm.


2009 (to present):

Certified DCJS security guard (including many private events).



NRA certified gun instructor. Teaches First Steps, Home Firearm Safety and Rifle and Shot Gun.


Graduated from three massage schools:

  • P.M.T.I. (Multiple modalities of body-work)(1992)

  • Sommerset School New Jersey

  • Virginia School of Massage (Myofascal Release)(1994)

  • and extensive long-term training in Thailand.


Worked in a sports chiropractic clinic.

Worked in an acupuncture clinic.

Lead instructor of massage, anatomy and physiology. Also created course curriculum for teaching body-work (2001-2004).


(Left 'hands-on' healing field in 2006 to concentrate fully on continued development in martial arts.)

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