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Strength without humility is a brute,

humility without strength is a weakling. 

- P.T.

We accept serious students who are looking to learn more than just fighting. There are many different aspects of martial arts including, where possible, avoidance of physical confrontation. Where this is not possible, students learn to defend themselves against attack and to counter in the quickest and most efficient way possible.
Martial arts can teach a student a lot about themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. Along with physical strength and a clearer perception of the 'warning signs' of possible danger and confrontation, students can strengthen their emotional resolve and learn to channel aggression in a positive and productive way. In addition, all of this can be achieved while simultaneously learning to defend oneself, and others, from real-world threats.
Learning in a safe, fun, and unique studio, there is something for anyone who is truly interested in self improvement and physical health/fitness.


If you could eliminate all of the weapons of the world, would that eliminate the desire for 'bad guys' to do harm to others? What would happen if good people stopped protecting themselves and others? What would happen if all the good people in the world could defend themselves and each other?


  • Crime decreases

  • Choose not to be a victim

  • Live in a safer, secure world


Consider this: 98% of the people in the world are good, peace-loving people. The other 2% is composed of two types: The wolves and the sheepdogs.

The Wolves – those who willingly and knowingly pre-meditate on the ways to steal your peace and the freedom of others through violent means.

The Sheepdogs – those who willing risk their lives to save and guard the 98%.

What separates the sheepdogs from the wolves? Love. It is the love of others, freedom, truth, and goodness that motivates them to stand up for what is right and to help others.

In some biblical translations, the commandment is “Thou shalt not commit murder”. There is no commandment preventing you from defending yourself, in fact, it is your divine right.​​​​

To defeat an enemy you must know them. 

To know them fully you must love them. 

With love you can wisely choose to detach, delete, or defeat them.

- Thorin Blanco


We are continually researching and renewing our healing exercises. With experience in massage, acupuncture, and chiropractics, we are able to combine the gentle, graceful movements of the 'internal martial arts' of Kung Fu with the more 'hands-on' approaches of alternative, natural therapies to help to heal and align the physical body. There are very few limitations as to who can benefit from these exercises as our approach can adapt to all health levels and ages. Such benefits can include weight loss, increased energy, improved joint flexibility and range of movement, and rehabilitation from injury, to name but a few.

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